Vale holds its first technical workshop for clients in Asia

Vale in Malaysia’s 1st Technical Workshop on iron ore was held for three days, starting from 24th – 26th August at Pangkor Laut and attended by more than 25 of its major clients in Asia together with Vale representatives. This workshop was aimed to strengthen the communication, enhance understanding and promote the cooperation between the company and its major clients in Asia.

Vale hopes to organise this new technical forum every two years with an objective to discuss relevant topics related to iron ore supply and iron making and help clients to obtain in-depth understanding on the main technical aspects of the company’s products and usage.

This unique platform brings together major players from the steel sector in Asia and it is an opportunity for Vale to identify technical innovations to cater for specific and customized market demands, and to strengthen the partnership with its regional clients. Topics of the discussion were primarily focused on alternatives on how to cope with iron ore quality changes in the past years and the paradigm of hot metal cost reduction versus iron making performance.

“The technical workshop is a way that Vale would like to reach out to clients and to work with them on how the company can serve them better. We are looking forward to hearing and learning from the clients”, said Andre Kopperschmidt, Vale in Malaysia country manager.

Among the participants who attended the workshop were Kobe Steel, Nisshin Steel, Hyundai Steel, Tohoku University, NSSMC, JFE, and China Steel. On the last day, the delegates were taken for a site visit to Teluk Rubiah Maritime Terminal.