map3 A commitment to protecting the environment is an integral part of Vale’s business strategy and is reflected in one of our core values, “prize our planet”. In Teluk Rubiah, more than 50% of our land is covered by the national forest and is now preserved as a protected forest area by the company. In addition, Vale maintains a green belt – a systematic introduction of coastal plants along the shoreline of its site in Teluk Rubiah.

We also engage in several other environmental initiatives, such as:

  • Our operations are designed to use 100% recycled water
  • Environmental monitoring management: Installation of two continuous air quality monitoring stations in the region, environmental audit, noise monitoring, water quality monitoring and marine ecology (Phytoplankton and Corals) monitoring
  • Air and noise management


Env-water Env-Monitoring

Paying homage to Teluk Rubiah’s natural heritage and upholding the value “prize our planet”, preservation of the quality of natural resources, biodiversity and life lies in the heart of every Vale’s action.